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Terms and Conditions
By registering at Muslim Marriage (contractual partner is single-muslim-marriage.com , Samer Fahed, Hünefeldstr.8, 80992 Munich), you are accepting Business Conditions as set forth here. These accordingly become a constituent part of the contract. By registering, a contractual relationship accordingly comes into being between single-muslim-marriage.com and the client, which is governed by the provisions of these General Business Conditions. Persons who have not yet attained the full age of 18 are not permitted to make use of this service. If you are not in agreement with these Business Conditions, registration cannot be carried out.
1. Validity
  1. The business relationship between single-muslim-marriage.com (contractual partner is single-muslim-marriage.com , Samer Fahed, HĂĽnefeldstr.8, 80992 Munich) and yourself (hereinafter Client) is subject to the following Terms and Conditions.
  2. Our Terms and Conditions are applicable within the framework of an existing business relationship even if attention is not drawn to this specifically in an individual transaction.
  3. These Terms and Conditions apply exclusively to all clients of the single-muslim-marriage.com , even if use or access is effected from outside the Federal Republic of Germany. No divergent business conditions of the Client will be accepted.
2. Object of the Contract
1. Object of the agreement is the provision of service both free of charge and against charge. Before use is made of a service which incurs mandatory costs, it will be brought to the Client’s attention that the service is subject to costs, and what charges are incurred. The services are, specifically:
  • The adoption of clients into the operator’s databank, the management of his data, and the brokerage of contact possibilities to other clients
  • The Client gives assurance in respect of the single-muslim-marriage.com that he/she holds a valid residence permit for the states of the Schengen Agreement or Switzerland. This is to be presented forthwith if so requested
  • The Client gives assurance in respect of the single-muslim-marriage.com that he/she is a member of the Islamic faith. Certification of this is to be presented if so requested (passport or Islamic certification)
2. Object of the Contract is the brokering of marriages, paving the way to marriage, and the seeking of partners. The general provisions of Article 656 of the German Civil Code (BGB), and Para. 1, Clause 1, of the Partnership Brokerage Service Contract therefore pertain
3. Concluding of Contract
  1. By registering, the Client acknowledges the present Terms and Conditions. By way of the registration, a contractual relationship comes into being between the “Muslim Marriage Institute” and the registered Client, which is governed by the provisions of these Terms and Conditions
  2. By making recourse to a service with mandatory incurring of costs, the registered Client enters into a contractual relationship with the single-muslim-marriage.com which is separate from registration. Before concluding this contractual relationship, the Client will be informed in each case of the service incurring the costs and the conditions of payment. The contractual relationship comes into effect with confirmation by the Client of the payment obligation by clicking this item with the mouse
  3. The Client gives assurance to the operator that the details given at registration and, as appropriate, in purchasing procedures, accord with the truth.
  4. Prices and Conditions:
    The term of the contract for services subject to charge is 3, 6, or 12 months, beginning with the concluding of the Contract. single-muslim-marriage.com is entitled to demand a registration fee for 3, 6, and 12 months, which may be extended quarterly, half-yearly, or annually, if the Client does not issue notice of termination in writing before the expiry of a four-week period. The tariffs and conditions published on the Internet pages shall apply.
4. Charges and Payments
  1. In order to buy MEMBERSHIP, the user can employ several methods of payment, which are proposed on our Website.
  2. Approval of membership may take from 8 hours to several days, before the membership account can be activated.
  3. Purchase of MEMBERSHIP will not be reimbursed
  4. All credit card payments will be dealt with via Paypal

Credit card fraud will be pursued internationally by criminal proceedings in each individual country concerned.
5. Scope of services
  1. The operator will provide the Client with the questionnaire. The Client will answer the questionnaire received. From the results obtained and from extensive statistical comparison data, single-muslim-marriage.com will prepare an individual personality profile of the Client.
  2. The Client personality profile prepared with the aid of the questionnaire will be adopted into the databank. The Client personality profile will be compared with those of other clients of single-muslim-marriage.com . This is done on the basis of statistical comparison data which provides indications about the compatibility of the striking features of the individual clients as determined from the questionnaire.
  3. The Client receives from the single-muslim-marriage.com proposals for partners in an on-line proposal list (Partner Proposal List), which in each case is presented in the form of a short profile (text description) which has been rendered anonymous. Other available clients are proposed to the Client, arranged in decreasing order according to the overall degree of compatibility of the striking features. The proposal list is updated on ongoing basis by taking account of clients who have been newly acquired in the interim.
  4. In principle, the single-muslim-marriage.com only allows for contact to be established between Clients on the basis of mutual agreement. .To this end, the Clients are enabled to send their anonymous short profiles (contact quest) to other clients (selected from the proposal list). In the meaning of this Contract, contact quest is also deemed to pertain if the Client responds to the request for contact from another client. The exchange of contacts takes place via the Muslim Marriage Institute.
6. Guarantee
  1. The operator shall be responsible solely for the effort to broker a contract, not for success. The operator shall only provide the technical means which, under the preconditions set forth under Item 4, in general allow for contact to be taken up. The operator shall consequently not be liable if no contact is forthcoming within the duration of the Contract.
  2. The operator likewise cannot guarantee that the databank of single-muslim-marriage.com contains data which, after comparison with the Client’s personality profile, will lead to a partner proposal (see Item 4.4).
7. Data Exploitation and Data Forwarding
  1. The services provided by the operator require the acquisition, storage, processing and exploitation of person-related data. Person-related data is such data as contains information about the personal and material circumstances of a specific or identifiable client.
  2. The operator is entitled, within the framework of the defined purpose of the Contract, to carry out the processing of the person-related data entrusted to him, taking into consideration the requirements for data protection, or to arrange for processing by third parties. The Client agrees to the acquisition, processing, and exploitation of the data involved in availing himself of the operator’s services and necessary for their performance. The Client declares that he is in agreement with his person-related data being electronically stored and assessed by the operator.
  3. The Client declares agreement with all the data of his profile which is visible on the Website to other registered clients, including age, address, etc., also being forwarded to the E-mail addresses of other clients for the purpose of widening of the circle of potentially-interested persons.
  4. In the event of a client accessing via an external advertising medium to the services single-muslim-marriage.com , his data will be rendered anonymous and stored in a cookie. These cookies do not contain any person-related data of the Client, and are automatically deleted if the client registers on single-muslim-marriage.com Website, and will otherwise be automatically deleted after 30 days.
  5. The Client is aware that the single-muslim-marriage.com databank on the Internet is available on the Internet not just under the domain www.single-muslim-marriage.com, but also as an additional feature on the Websites of the co-operation partners of the operator Co-operation partners in this sense are such undertakings as supplement their own on-line presence by way of the Muslim Marriage Institute, within the framework of a co-operation arrangement with the operator.
  6. The Client is entitled to view the data stored in relation to his person free of charge at the operator’s site. This information will be distributed electronically.
  7. The Client is further aware that data protection during data transfer on the Internet cannot be comprehensively guaranteed given the present state of the art. To this extent, the Client shall himself take steps to provide security for the data conveyed by him onto the Internet.
  8. The operator shall be entitled, but not obliged, to examine texts prepared by the Client, uploaded photos, or graphics files, for compatibility with applicable legislation and with these Business Conditions, and, if necessary, to amend or remove individual content items.
8. Right of Termination
  1. The Client shall have the right at all times to issue notice of termination of the Contract with immediate effect. The Client shall in this case be obliged, however, to pay the operator any remuneration not paid for services which he has arranged. By issuing notice of termination, the Client waives the right to make use of services subject to mandatory costs of which he has not yet availed himself, and has no right to any reimbursement of payments already made to the operator.
  2. With the termination of the Contract, the data record stored for the Client’s member profile will be deleted by the operator.
The single-muslim-marriage.com shall be entitled at any time to suspend the services offered, in whole or in part.
9. Operator's Liability
  1. The operator declines any liability for financial, physical, or other injury or damages which may be incurred in connection with this service.
  2. Further, the operator cannot be held responsible for false information in the registrations and/or questionnaires from clients, nor for delays in transfer or breakdowns in service due to technical reasons.
  3. The operator expressly excludes any responsibility with regard to any deliberate abuse of residence permits brought about by the Client, as well as for any other further damages.
  4. The operator cannot guarantee at all times the proper operation of the service, or its uninterrupted usability or accessibility. In addition, the operator shall not be liable for the unauthorised acquisition by third parties of the Client’s personal data (e.g. by unauthorised access to the databank by “hackers”).
10. Responsibility and Obligations of the Client
  1. The Client shall alone be responsible for the contents of the registration, and therefore for the information which he provides therein. The Client gives assurance that the data provided accords with the truth and describes him personally. False information provided in the questionnaire deliberately and/or with intent to deceive may incur proceedings under civil law. This will also lead to the immediate dissolution of the Contract. The right of the operator to claim remuneration shall remain unaffected thereby (see Item 7.1).
  2. The Client further gives assurance that he has no commercial intentions, and that the data entrusted to him will not be used for commercial or advertising purposes.
  3. The Client undertakes to keep the operator safe and harmless in respect of any type of claims, damages, losses, or demands which may come about as a consequence of his registration and/or participation in this service. In particular, the Client undertakes to keep the operator free in respect of any liability and any obligations, expenses, and claims which might arise from damages due to slander, libel, infringement of personal rights, the suspension of services for other clients, infringement of these business conditions, or the infringement of intangible property rights or other rights.
  4. The Client is obliged to treat in confidence all E-mails and other communications, and not to make these accessible to third parties without the agreement of the originators. The same applies to names, telephone and fax numbers, residential and E-mail addresses, and/or URL’s etc. of other clients.
  5. Clients with existing residence permits for the states of the Schengen Agreement or Switzerland are obliged to request the partner to whom they have been introduced to provide forthwith their Islamic certificates and proof of their residential status. This shall also apply to clients in other states for whom introductions have been provided.
In the event of Clients associating business interests with the registration and/or using for commercial purposes the data relating to third parties which has been entrusted to them, and in this context infringing one or more of the behaviour obligations cited under Item 9.6, they shall be obliged to pay the operator a contractual penalty in the amount of 2,000 EUR for each proven contravention. Further claims for compensatory damages shall remain unaffected thereby.
11. Court of Jurisdiction and Applicable Law
Inasmuch as is legally permissible, place of jurisdiction is agreed to be Munich. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply, with the exclusion of German "Collision Law". Responsibility for the contents of the service is the single-muslim-marriage.com , proprietor Samer Fahed, Hünefeldstr. 8, 80992 Munich.
12. Terms of Service and Online-Rules of Etiquette
  1. You must be 18 years of age or older to use these services.
  2. Your Membership with, single-muslim-marriage.com is solely for your personal use only. You do not have the right to authorize third parties for the use of your membership or to sign your membership over to other persons or institutions.
  3. You comit and are obligated to only use the service yourself and not to impersonate any person, business or entity.
  4. You are obligated to provide truthful information about yourself in the registration process.
  5. You are obligated to not post any pornographic, rasist, insulting, vulgar, obscene, harrassing, slandereous, forbidden or illegal materials in any way, shape or form or such as would comit crimes against other persons rights or be invasive of another’s privacy.
  6. You are obligated to report any persons or illigal immigrants to us who would try to obtain citizenship in Germany via marriage.
  7. Criminal and illegal actions will be reported to the police immediately.
  8. You are obligated not to send any of the following: chain letters, spam mails, viruses, worms and junk emails. Furthermore you oblige not to send any commercial materials and unwanted spam emails in any way, shape or form.
  9. You are obligated not to bother and/or harrass other members by trying to keep communitcating with someone who clearly stated and asked you to stop communication with them.
  10. You are obligated not to ask any other member of Single-Muslim-marriage.com for money and/or financial support.
  11. You are obligated to not posting any contact information about yourself which may lead to the recognition of your person, such as but not solely, your full name, phone numbers, email addresses, instant messenger ident numbers, URL’s in your profile.
  12. You may not enter and email addresses or phone numbers in your profile.
  13. As soon as you have registered and submitted payment, reimbursement of funds is excempt, even though you may cancel your membership.
  14. If you pay via direct deposit you are obliged to inform us by email about your user name and your first and last name in order for us to be able to open your account.
  15. As soon as you release your picture it will be seen by every other memeber. We reserve the right to save your picture for data based purposes.
Note: Only your user name will be seen in your profile. Only you and single-muslim-marriage.com can see your first and last name at login.

Any offense against these conditions will result in the suspension of the user from the services provided. We reserve this right.
These Terms and Conditions are subject to the provisions of copyright law. Any impermissible copying will be pursued in law. Status 01.01.2016

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